Fundamentals of Superheated Steam Drying

Hiromichi Shibata
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15.5 x 1.8 x 22.6 cm (6.1 x 0.7 x 8.9 inches), Hardback, 164 pages
March 2011
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This book provides a standardized analytical method for drying a single fine particle (disk). It is, however, expected that by the use of these results, process design and operation procedures for industrial dryers such as fluidized beds which deal with particle assembly, convective types for bulk materials and so on could be developed in industry as well as in academic research. The author recommends the present book to not only engineers and researchers who are engaged in drying processes but also those with a wide variety of backgrounds in industry as well as college students in engineering.


Chapter 1 Introduction
  1.1 Drying media
  1.2 Moisture in porous materials
  1.3 Heat and mass transfer
   1.3.1 Heat transfer
   1.3.2 Heat sources
   1.3.3 Mass transfer
   1.3.4 Heat and mass transfer under vacuum
  1.4 Mass and energy balances
  1.5 Drying rate curves
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Chapter 2 Experimental methods in drying
  2.1 Measurement of drying rates
   2.1.1 Forced convection
   2.1.2 Natural convection
   2.1.3 Vacuum
   2.1.4 Microwave
  2.2 Measurement of material temperature
   2.2.1 Radiation thermometer
  2.3 Measurement of moisture content of wet materials
   2.3.1 Local moisture content
  2.4 Measurement of permeability and capillary pressure
   2.4.1 Drainage methods
  Nomenclature for Chapter 2
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Chapter 3 Drying models
  3.1 Air drying
   3.1.1 Model for drying periods Configuration of water Luminosity on the surface of the material
   3.1.2 Model for standardization of drying curves
   3.1.3 Standardization of drying curves
   3.1.4 The first falling rate period and the critical moisture content
  3.2 Superheated steam drying
   3.2.1 Evaporation zone model Constant rate period Critical moisture content Falling rate period
   3.2.2 Drying rate curves at atmospheric pressure
  3.3 Drying under vacuum
   3.3.1 Drying rates in air
   3.3.2 Drying rates in superheated steam
   3.3.3 Drying rate curves in air and in superheated steam
   3.3.4 Drying under super-cooling
  3.4 Microwave drying
   3.4.1 Drying rate curves
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Chapter 4 Physical properties of porous materials in drying
  4.1 Pore structure
  4.2 Liquid-solid interface
  4.3 Heat and mass transport properties
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Chapter 5 Miscellaneous drying methods
  5.1 Steam drying by humidity-swing drying schedule
  5.2 Retention of volatile substances
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Kenji Kamide is a chemist - turned economic historian. He was born in Fukui and graduated from the Kanazawa University in 1956 with a B.Sc. in chemistry. He received a D.Sc in polymer chemistry from the Tokyo Kyoiku University in 1963, a D.Engnr. in polymer engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1971, a D.Phil. in membrane science from the Kanazawa University in 1990, an honarary D.Sc.from the Brandford University (UK) in 1991. He was also awarded a master degree in economics in 1990 and a Doctor of Economics in economic history in 1994, both from the Osaka City University. He worked for Asahi Chemical Industry Co. (Asahi Kasei) for 36 years. He moved to academics as aprofessor of clothing and natural poduct chemistry at the Kumamoto University (1993 - 1999) and then a professor of clothing and natural product chenmistry at the Nara Sangyo University (1999 - 2004). He published about 450 academic papers and book chapters. Among his numerous awards he received the Society Prizes from the Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan and the Society Prizes from the JJapan, respectivery and he is the 1998 Carothers Medalist (awarded by the Textile Institute, UK). He is a Chartered Chemist (UK), a Chartered Scientist (UK), and a Chartered Textile Technologist (UK).


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