Proceedings of International Symposium on Giant Straining Process for Advanced Materials (GSAM2010) Production of Multifunctional Materials Using Severe Plastic Deformation

Proceedings of International Symposium on Giant Straining Process for Advanced Materials (GSAM2010)
Zenji Horita ed.
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21.1 x 1 x 29.7 cm (8.3 x 0.4 x 11.7 inches), Paperback, 116 pages
March 2011
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Preface ・・・・・ Zenji Horita
Severe Plastic Deformation Under High Pressure for Production of Multifunctional Properties ・・・・・ Zenji Horita
Strength and Electrical Conductivity of Ultrafine Grained Cu Fabricated by Giant Straining Processes ・・・・・ Nobuhiro Tsuji
High Strength and High Electrical Conductivity Nanocomposite Metallic Wires Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation:Fabrication, Characterization and Application for High Field Magnets ・・・・・ Ludovic Thilly
Strengthening and Electrical Conductivity of Metals with Nanoscale Twins ・・・・・ Lei Lu
Investigation of Phase Transformations in Materials Processed by SPD for the Achievement of Multifunctional Materials – Ordering in a Nanostructured FePd Alloy to Achieve a Combination of High Strength and High Coercivity ・・・・・ Xavier Sauvage
Multi-functional Ultrafine Grain CuCr Alloys ・・・・・ Alexei Vinogradov
Towards Multifunctional Bulk Nanostructures: Grain Boundary Structure and Grain Boundary Diffusivity of Severely Strained Alloys・・・・・Gerhard Wilde
Improving the Magnetic Properties in a Bulk Fe-Co-V Alloy by Equal Channel Angular Pressing・・・・・Jing Tao Wang
Soft Magnetic and Magnetostrictive Properties of SPD Nanomaterials・・・・・Roland Grossinger
Formation of Nanocrystalline Ni-W Alloys by Electrodeposition and Their Mechanical Properties・・・・・Tohru Yamasaki
Strengthening Mechanism in Nano-Grained Ultrahigh-Strength Iron-Based Alloy with the Paradox Concept of Lattice Softening・・・・・Tadahiko Furuta
Multifunctional Properties of Nanostructured Titanium for Biomedical Application・・・・・Ruslan Z. Valiev
Achieving Multifunctionality by Severe Plastic Deformation・・・・・Yuri Estrin
Strain Induced Transformation and Annealing Behavior of SUS304 Stainless Steel Processed by HPT・・・・・Minoru Umemoto
Bulk SPD Nanomaterials with Enhanced Hydrogen Storage and Thermoelectric Properties・・・・・Michael J. Zehetbauer
Hydrogen Storage Properties in Bulk Mg and Mg-Based Hydrides Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation・・・・・Walter J. Botta
Hydrogen Embrittlement Behavior of Bulk Nanostructured Pure Fe Produced by High-Pressure Torsion Straining・・・・・Yoshikazu Todaka
Developing Superplasticity through Severe Plastic Deformation・・・・・Terence G. Langdon
The Increase in Toughness at Low Temperatures by Severe Plastic Deformation・・・・・Kenji Higashida
Multi Directional Forging of AZ91MG Alloy and the Specific Mechanical Properties・・・・・Hiromi Miura
Nanomaterials for Nuclear Power Applications: Advantages and Challenges・・・・・Yuntian T. Zhu
Radiation Resistance of Nanostructured Materials: Case of Austenitic Stainless Steels・・・・・Auriane Etienne
Applications of ECAP Consolidation in Solid-State Recycling・・・・・Kenong Xia
ECAP of CNT Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites: Processing and Properties・・・・・Hyoung Seop Kim
Creation of Harmonic Structured Materials with Outstanding Mechanical Properties・・・・・Kei Ameyama
Effect of Grain Refinement by SPD on Elastic Properties of TiNi・・・・・Koichi Tsuchiya
Multifunctional Shape Memory Alloys Processed by SPD・・・・・Thomas Waitz

<Poster Presentation>
Effect of Processing Route on Microstructure in ECAPed Al-5mass% Ti Alloy・・・・・Motoo Furukawa, Hisashi Sato, Eri Miura-Fujiwara and Yoshimi Watanabe
Mechanical Properties of Binary Ni3Al Deformed by High-Pressure Torsion・・・・・Octav Ciuca, Koichi Tsuchiya and Yoshihiko Yokoyama
Evolution of Mechanical Properties, Microstructures and Hydrogen Storage Capability in Pure Magnesium Processed by High-Pressure Torsion・・・・・Kaveh Edalati, Zenji Horita, Akito Yamamoto and Tatsumi Ishihara
Grain Boundary Segregation in Ultrafine Grained Al Alloys・・・・・Seiichiro Ii, Koichi Tsuchiya and Nobuhiro Tsuji
Microstructure and Property of Pure Cu Processed by Surface Rolling・・・・・Qingsong Mei, Koichi Tsuchiya, Hong Gao and Kaneaki Tsuzaki
Fracture Behavior Transition by Change of Strain Rate in Cold Rolled and Annealed Si Steels・・・・・Takashi Mizuguchi, Rintaro Ueji, Hayato Miyagawa, Yasuhiro Tanaka and Kazunari Shinagawa
Phase Transformation Behavior in Deformation-Induced Layer Formed by Shot-Peening Fe-Ni Alloys・・・・・Hisashi Sato, Takayuki Nishimura, Eri Miura-Fujiwara and Yoshimi Watanabe
Formation Mechanism of Grain Boundaries under Severe Plastic Deformation by Atomic Stimulations・・・・・Tomotsugu Shimokawa
Crystallographic Aspect of .-Martensite Transformation of High-Mn Metastable Austenitic Steel with Fine Grained Microstructure・・・・・Rintaro Ueji, Daisuke Kondo, Takashi Mizuguchi, Yasuhiro Tanaka and Kazunari Shinagawa
Simultaneous Strengthening of Grain Refinement and Fine Precipitation in Al-Mg-Si Alloys through Processing by High-Pressure Torsion ・・・・・Daichi Akama, Zenji Horita, Kenji Matsuda and Shoichi Hirosawa
Al-Al2O3 Nanocomposites Produced through Consolidation by High-Pressure Torsion・・・・・Maki Ashida, Zenji Horita, Takuji Kita and Akira Kato
Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Al-Fe Alloys Processed by High-Pressure Torsion・・・・・Jorge Cubero and Zenji Horita
High-Pressure Sliding for Production of Superplastic AZ61 Mg Alloy・・・・・Shuji Honda and Zenji Horita
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the Ultrafine-Grained SUS304 Produced by Multi Directional Forging・・・・・Y.Iwabuchi and H.Miura

Application of High-Pressure Torsion to Superconducting MgB2 for Improving Critical Current Density・・・・・Hideaki Iwaoka, Zenji Horita, Masayoshi Inoue and Takanobu Kisu
Effect of Strain Rate on Microstructural Change during Multi Directional Forging of AZ61 Magnesium Alloy・・・・・K.Matsumoto and H.Miura
Microstructure Evolution of Crystallized Zr-Cu-Al Metallic Glass by High Pressure Torsion・・・・・Fanqiang Meng, Koichi Tsuchiya, Yoshihiro Yokoyama
Controlling Magnetic Properties of Cu-Fe Alloys by High-Pressure Torsion・・・・・Shingo Nishihata, Makoto Arita and Zenji Horita
Strain Hardening and Fracture Behavior of SUS304L and SUS316L Austenitic Strainless Steel Compacts with Harmonic Microstruture・・・・・Muhammad Rifai, Hiroshi Kobayakawa, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Akira Ueno and Kei Ameyama
Dual Effect of Grain Refinement by High-Pressure Torsion and Fine Precipitation by Aging on Strengthening Al2091 Alloy・・・・・Seungwon Lee, Daichi Akama and Zenji Horita
Suppression of Grain Growth by Precipitation of Co-Fe Particles during Aging of an ECAPed Cu Alloy・・・・・Takako Sumiya, Toshiyuki Fujii, Hisashi Sato and Yoshimi Watanabe
Superplasticity of Al-3%Mg-0.2%Sc Alloy Processed by High-Pressure Sliding ・・・・・Kiyonari Tazoe and Zenji Horita
Microstructural Evolution Caused by Accumulative Roll-Bonding of Cu(100)[001] Single Crystals・・・・・Akari Yoshida, Yoji Miyajima, Toshiyuki Fujii, Susumu Onaka and Masaharu Kato
A Comparative Study of the Annealing Behavior of HPTed Austenitic Stainless Steels・・・・・I.Shuro, H.C.Wang, M.Umemoto, H.H.Kuo and Y.Todaka
General Discussion (Points to note and discuss)


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